Dreaming of a partner in crime

Sounds like my kind of dream.

We all know following trends is exhausting: the feeling of being behind is discouraging. I want to inspire you to become the change you crave in entrepeneurship. Because there’s peace to be found in being choosing your own path rather than following in others’ footsteps.

Let me explain.
I have been running my design studio since 2018, creating illustrations, textiles and prints for brands and art lovers. I have stumbled and succeeded,

both listening to and ignoring a lot of well-meant advice along the way.
And in the middle of it all, I am most proud of the moments I stepped over invisible barriers. When I truly went my own unique way. Designing carpets and pillows from scratch. Almost showcasing my work at the Milan Design Week (canceled because, well, covid). Creating exposure in national media. Contacting my idols and making them into fans.

There’s so much power in being bold. And I want to share that with you.

Fashion as an attitude

I’ve always taken huge inspiration from fashion. It’s all about expressing emotions in ways that are elegant and refreshing. Once I stumbled into designing for Belgian clothing brands as a means to showcase them in pandemic times, I realized how much further the empowerment of fashion could reach.

I use color, adoration and perspective to show subjects that have nothing to hide: they breathe belief in themselves and their choices.

Now, I spend my time bringing this empowerment to adventurous entrepeneurs, who want to catch the eye and define the future.


Knack Weekend — De Standaard — Feeling Wonen — Bossy Magazine — De Morgen — Marie Claire — Elle Decoration — …

Practicing what I preach

My favorite playlist training for a half marathon: 

   ‘Fun Run’ on Spotify! It’s good for my pace ànd morale, thanks to the frequent bangers.

Where I find inspiration:

  There’s a brainstorming phase of intensely looking around, online and in fashion magazines. After brainstorming, I dig for the ‘Aha!’ moment, that —suspiciously— likes to take place during sports. Then, it’s a matter of getting home quickly!
When making free work, I like in memoriams. Once inspiration strikes, I cannot wait to post my idea online, in fear of getting beaten to the finish.

Huge red flag for collaborations:

  I consider my work 90% mind reading and 10% designing. Therefore, briefings are essential. A customer who will not take time for this, means trouble down the road. But when you allow me to peek inside your head and really tell me what you want, I’m on track for success.

After authenticity, video and burnout, these are future trends I’m willing to bet on:

  The Rise of the Feminine. One of the biggest shifts in human behavioural change happening this decade is the move from Mind to Heart. But dont get confused, we still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality.

The most overestimated trend going on: 

  Social media. meaby I’m getting old, but I find it exhausting and time consuming. It takes a lot of my focus away. And I know that if I use that focus for creating, the word of mouth will get me much further than doing some dance on instagram or Tik Tok. Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing whether at a club, wedding party or with my daughter in the living room. I just feel that my phone sometimes gets in the way of those stolen moments…

My biggest pet peeve:

  The undervaluing of art online. An artists’ work of pride and worth is easily used as an illustration of today’s #mood, quickly making digital work worthless and ownerless, or rather, belonging to everyone. Tag the artist. Spread appreciation. It’s just as easy, but much more gracious.

Essential but underrated:

  Throughout all my designer crushes and color manias, I always find myself standing by my grandfather’s unwavering principle, ‘zorg dat uw rug goed gestopt is’. His way of still having my back!

Inviting over for dinner to discuss the future of style:

  That would be the versatile designer Alexander Girard, the obvious Coco Chanel and inevitable Karl Lagerfeld, who would host at his Monaco penthouse filled with Memphis art.