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    Vitra — Morobé — Knack Weekend — Sergio Herman — Marie Claire — Collectors Club — Designcollectors — Xandres  — De Standaard — Melanie Van Dooren


    About brand design — art direction — business portraits

    What is your process?

    We touch base in a call or through e-mail. We agree on price, timing and an advance payment, and plan a brainstorm. I design and present my work; we make changes through up to two rounds of feedback. I deliver the final design in the necessary formats and, of course, the invoice.

    What do you appreciate in a client?

    A willingness to express what they really want, and what not. My job consists of 90% mind reading and 10% designing. Honesty and openness from a client give the process a huge head start and frankly, are essential for the kind of result I want to achieve.

    How long does a design project take?

    From briefing towards delivery of the end result takes about two weeks. This includes the time for me to go nuts and feel like the biggest loser in the world, followed by a genius idea, execution and feedback, finished of with an outpouring of client enthousiasm.

    How soon can you start my project?

    Allow for at least two months between our first contact and the final result. Creative work needs breathing space, and luckily, my calendar is often filled a few weeks in advance. Would your timing be more pressing, do feel free to contact me: if my schedule prevents me from taking the assignment myself, I’d love to forward your question to a designer from my network.

    Will I have the copyright on the design?

    Yes. In the quotation, we determine the license and its conditions, such as the period, carriers and geographical scope. I remain the owner of the design, unless otherwise stated.

    Do you do team portraits?

    Portraits are not part of my regular offer: they are available temporarily and in limited edition, once a year. Each person is represented in a way that shows its unique character, and therefore a portrait fee is charged for each individual.

    Next to this temporary offer, one or more portraits can be part of a bigger branding package, with a custom price.

    I have a personal project, can I hire you?

    Yes, of course! Please inform me as open and direct as possible, and I will let you if I consider myself a good fit. If not, it will be my pleasure to recommend you someone from my broad network.

    Do you offer payment plans?

    I invoice an advance of 50%; if preferred, the balance can be split in two.

    You're an inspiration! Can I use one of your images on social media?

    Yes, on the simple but highly appreciated condition of tagging me in your post, story, caption or image description. It means the world to me!

    About the webshop

    Do the prints have limited editions? Are they numbered and signed?

    Yes, yes and yes! The number of editions is mentioned in the product information. Each print is numbered and signed on the bottom of the paper.

    It's for my business: can I get an invoice for my order?

    Yes, simply reply to the order confirmation email with your business info and I will provide you with an invoice by the end of the month.

    How long before my order arrives?

    Count on 7 to 10 working days, depending on the object and specified in the product information.

    Can I pick up my order in person?

    Yes! I love to meet my clients in real life.

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