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Step beyond the ordinary: Transforming your brand vision packaging walls events website shop surroundings textiels logo look from beige to bold, where you're not just seen, you're remembered

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Let me guess, you’re drowning in a sea of sameness, trying to carve out a niche in an oversaturated market.
Your plate is not just full; it’s overflowing, leaving you to juggle endless tasks without ever truly achieving that distinctive edge you crave.
And just when you think you’ve found a solution, you’re lost in a cacophony of opinions that dilutes your vision rather than distilling it.

Plus, being so immersed in your label makes it hard to see it from the outside—like trying to read the label from inside the bottle.

Collaborating with our studio changes the game.
Here, it’s about founder to founder, manager to manager—streamlined, focused, and with a singular mission: to safeguard and amplify your vision.
We’re the lighthouse in the chaos, navigating your brand towards a future where it stands out, resonates deeply, and moves with purpose and clarity. We handle the oversight, allowing you to focus on what you do best, knowing your brand’s identity is being crafted to perfection. Because when we say we’ll lift the weight off your shoulders, we mean it—letting you breathe, focus, and thrive.

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don’t just take
my word for it

Faced with an overflowing plate of tasks, a desire to stand out in a sea of sameness, and the struggle to gain perspective on your own brand, it’s clear the path forward isn’t through conventional means. You need a partner who not only understands your unique challenges but is also poised to lift that weight off your shoulders, allowing you to breathe, focus, and thrive.

Our services are meticulously designed to address each of these pain points:

For the founder

Our founder-to-founder approach means you’re not juggling opinions; you’re engaging in a focused collaboration that respects your time and energy, allowing us to take the reins and guide your brand to its fullest potential.

For the (future) icon

Tired of cookie-cutter solutions? Our out-of-the-box visual identities and flair-infused creations ensure your brand not only stands out but resonates deeply with your ideal client, turning heads and sparking conversations.

For the insider

Like reading the label from inside the bottle, being too close can blur your vision. Our fresh, external perspective breathes new life into your brand, ensuring your vision is not just seen but fully realized and appreciated.

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Vitra — Morobé — Knack Weekend — NUNOO — Sergio Herman — Marie Claire — Collectors Club — Designcollectors — Xandres — MeetDistrict — Melanie Van Dooren — Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

Imagine a design journey where the pace is set by you, the vision is bolder than ever, and your brand's deepest instincts are translated into visuals that speak volumes.

Welcome to a world where the conventional boundaries of design and branding are not just pushed but completely reimagined.
Our approach is distinct, not just in the way we work but in how we see your brand’s potential:

Your brand’s journey to greatness should never feel rushed. Our flexible, self-paced approach ensures that creativity flows naturally, aligning perfectly with your timeline and readiness.

Where others may tread lightly, we leap boldly. Our designs aren’t just seen; they’re felt, leaving a lasting impression that distinguishes your brand in the crowded market.

It’s your brand, your way. While we guide and inspire, the final say is always yours, ensuring the end result is as unique as your vision.

Our expertise in branded artwork and illustrations ensures your brand’s visuals are not just seen but felt, blending uniqueness with a touch of flair that truly sets you apart.

We look beyond the horizon. Our creative process involves exploring uncharted territories to ensure your brand not only stands out but sets the standard

We have a unique ability to capture the essence of your brand’s gut feeling and translate it into compelling visuals. This instinctual approach ensures your brand communicates its core message at first glance.

Client feedback

don’t just take
my word for it

5 ways to work with us

Creative Direction

What it is: A holistic approach to your brand’s visuals and communication, from logo design to interior aesthetics and photography. We oversee every visual element, ensuring a cohesive and captivating brand identity.

How we work: With a keen eye on the big picture and meticulous attention to detail, we guide your brand’s visual and communicative direction, ensuring alignment across all platforms and touchpoints.

Starting from €5.000 
Our services are customized to meet the unique needs of your project. Reach out for a personalised proposal.


What it is: Craft a bold visual identity that resonates with your ideal client, inspired by Maya Angelou’s wisdom to make your audience feel the essence of your brand. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” 

How we work: Through strategic sessions and deep dives into your brand’s core, we embody your vision in every visual element.

Starting from €3.500
Prices vary, as each project is tailored. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Branded Artwork

What it is: Transform touchpoints, from murals to packaging, into stunning works of art that make your brand unforgettable.

How we work: We start with your vision and infuse it into every design, making the ordinary extraordinary.

Starting from €870
Each project is unique. Reach out for a custom quote.


What It Is: Elevate your events with cohesive visual branding, from captivating invitations to photogenic backgrounds and live art, adding an extra layer of creativity.

How We Work: From planning to execution, we ensure your event’s visuals captivate and engage.

Starting From €900
Pricing is project-specific. Let’s chat about your event.

Creative Consult

What it is: Gain insights on colour usage, branding, and mentorship with deep, strategic discussions that illuminate your path.

How we work: We offer personalized guidance to refine and elevate your brand strategy.

Starting from €700
Contact us to explore your needs.

Hi! I’m Klaartje Busselot, your creative director in the journey to make your brand pop.

I help you choose bold over beige.

Because beige might blend in better, but you’re here to stand out.

Since 2018, I’ve turned passion into profession, crafting art, textiles, and prints that not just stand out but speak out. From showcasing at Milan Design Week to gaining national media exposure, my path has been one of bold moves and vibrant creations. Choosing bold over beige, I empower businesses and art lovers alike, infusing each project with fashion, color, and the fearless spirit of stepping beyond invisible barriers. Let’s make your vision a vivid reality.

Be bold, be brilliant, be anything but beige; together, we'll craft a brand that's as unforgettable as your vision

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Elevate your brand with our signature BRANDED ARTWORK and unlock a strategic advantage with a 4 hour complimentary strategic branding workshop, setting your brand on the path to unforgettable distinction. With only 5 spots available, seize this unique opportunity to transform your brand’s presence.

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  Book your BRANDING PACKAGE now and gain exclusive access to our Guerrilla Marketing Workshop. Dive into creative strategies for online and offline engagement, complete with social media content plans, templates, and innovative campaign ideas to make your brand the talk of the town. With only 3 spots available, seize this unique opportunity to transform your brand’s presence.

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